Our Mission

Evolution of Remote Access
We love to work remotely from any place we love & feel good.

Evolution of Remote Access

We believe that Samohyb has a potential to bring the evolution of remote access.

Samohyb Evolution of Remote Access

10+ Years Experience

We work with VPN technologies since 2009. We provide remote access to 10 000+ users and 1000+ businesses around the world.

Global Infrastructure

We run our access cloud infrastructure around the world. We can deploy an access gateway in any location within just a few minutes.

We Know How To Do It

We have a vision and a team who knows how to make it real. We put the love into every each part because we use it as well.

Remote Access by Samohyb

We didn't find any suitable solution for us. The only solution we found was difficult or expensive and that's why we've defined our own remote access solution in order to meet our needs - easy, secure and for a good price. In order to make the remote access human friendly we believe it should contain the following elements.

Access Gateway

Cloud based Access Gateway anywhere in the world deployed in just few minutes.


Client Apps for Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android providing the secure access with just one click.

Easy Management

Easy to use team access management console providing complete control and access logs.

ID Verification

Multi-factor ID Verification and authentication using 3rd party ID providers.

Team Access Control

Zero Trust functionality allowing to control the access for users and teams to certain resources.

Branch Access Gateway

Easy Plug & Play device to access all on-premise systems located on your branch network.

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