Samohyb SDN Platform

We develop a universal Zero Trust Sofrware Defined Networking Platform for business

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Global Infrastructure

We run our own global gateway infrastructure. Samohyb SDN Platform allows you to get managed Software Defined Private Network across the global internet.


Client Apps

We've developed easy to use Client Apps for most common system devices & platforms. Apps provides reliable secure encrypted connection with just one click.


Managed SDN gateways

Our SDN Platform allows you to deploy single personal gateway or large global SDN infrastructure for your company, employees, customers or any custom project.


White-Label VPN Reseller

Use your brand and sell VPN services to your customers. Our SDN Platform allows you to resell VPN services to your customers with your brand.


Control Panel

Manage easily all your SDN Gateways, user accounts, policies, routes etc. from one place. View the access logs and statistics. We provide cloud based control panel where you can control everything your need.


API Control

Samohyb SDN Platform can be remotely managed via API. You can easily control everything from your systems and automatize common processes.

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