Site to Site VPN Solution


  • One private LAN network between all your branches
  • Secure encrypted connection between branches
  • Branches don't need static IP address provided by ISP
  • File & printer sharing between all devices on the network
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting

How it works

    We will install and provide managed VPN server which helps to connect all your branches and offices together even if there is no static IP on any of your branches. We will keep this server monitored and updated in order to provide you with stable service. Then we will help you connect all your branches together. We will install small VPN box to each branch which can be simply connected to any switch and will establish the VPN connection. Once we have all your branches connected together we will setup our monitoring systems to periodically check if everything works well.

    Whole setup will be done remotely via remote Desktop access - Team Viewer in cooperation with your local network administrator.

Site to Site VPN Pricing

Site to Site VPN


monthly for 2 branches

$100 monthly per each additional branch

No initial setup fee

Extra work $50/h