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  • White Label VPN Reseller

Start selling VPN accounts with your brand. We take care about VPN technology and you can focus on marketing, billing and customer care.

  • Become VPN provider with no initial costs

Use our shared VPN server infrastructure - 21 servers in 9 countries around the world. Start today with no initial costs. Pay wholesale price for each VPN account you sell.

Control Panel

API control


API Documentation
PHP Example Code

VPN servers

  • Multiple VPN protocols:
    • PPTP
    • L2TP / IPSec
    • SSTP
    • OpenVPN
    • IKEv2 VPN
  • Bandwidth up to 20Mbit/s per VPN account


  • Create as many VPN Accounts as you wish!
  • VPN accounts with real dynamic or static IP address
  • Purchase VPN services directly from your credit balance!
  • Manage your VPN Accounts via Control Panel or via API!
  • Automatic renewal option for each VPN Account!
  • Pay as you sell. Wholesale monthly price depends on count of your active customers.
  • Simple VPN client App for Windows with your logo + guides for other platforms.

21 VPN servers in 9 countries

United States & Canada

  • 2x New York,NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Toronto, Canada


  • 3x London, UK
  • 3x Gosport, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2x Prague, Czech Republic
  • Bratislava, Slovakia


  • Tel Aviv, Israel

Wholesale VPN pricing

monthly per VPN account

Wholesale VPN price list

Active VPN AccountsProductMonthly Price
1 - 99VPN Account with Dynamic IP$2.4
100 - 4999VPN Account with Dynamic IP$1.9
5000 +VPN Account with Dynamic IP$1.0
1 - 99VPN Account with Static IP$5.9
100 - 4999VPN Account with Static IP$5.4
5000 +VPN Account with Static IP$4.9

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any setup fee? What I need to start as reseller?
There is no setup fee. You can start immediately. Just buy some credit like 10 USD and you can start purchasing the VPN accounts.

Can I use my own Brand and Logo with the VPN dialer?
Yes, we will help you to prepare special custom VPN dialer including your logo and brand.

Do you provide any website for resellers?
We do not provide any websites for resellers because usually resellers creates their one pages with their local language. We provide reseller control panel and help you to create your customized VPN dialer (similar to windows installer at https://unblockvpn.com/support/unblock-vpn-for-windows-alternative.php).

How many computers can be connected with one VPN account at the same time?
Simultaneous connections with one account at the same time are not allowed because each VPN connection takes one real IP and it is limited resource. You can use your account on as many devices as you like, but you can have only one connection at a time for your account.

How works the pricing system?
Normally all Resellers starts from 0 users and during the time their users grow up. So the prices starts from 2.4 USD per user per month. When you reach the level of 100 active VPN accounts then the system changes the price for each new purchase. So when you are going to make purchase for next VPN Account then the price depends on current count of active VPN Accounts.

Which VPN protocols can be used by my customers?
Your customers can use any of available VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP. All protocols are included in the price.

Can you provide me with customers area and website for my customers?
No, we provide Reseller Control panel only and API access. With API you develop your own customer area system on your website. We do not collect any personal and billing details of your customers. You act as a service provider for your customers. Your customers pay directly to you and you provide support to them. We take care about VPN servers infrastructure and provide you with a VPN accounts for wholesale prices. Samohyb company is hidden and your customers will see you as a provider.

Can my customers recognize that I am a reseller?
No, your customers will see your brand, logo and you can also create your DNS records for VPN server IPs. It is very hard for commmon users to recognize that you are reseller.

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