VPN server Technology

System parts

VPN server

  • Multiple VPN protocols:
    • PPTP
    • L2TP / IPSec
    • OpenVPN
    • IKEv2 VPN
  • iOS and Mac OS VPN profile generator
  • VPN config generator for OpenVPN incl. client certificates
  • Bandwidth control - ability to limit the connection speed of VPN clients

Authentication & Accounting server

  • Radius AAA server
  • VPN accounts and parameters database
  • Accounting database - data about each VPN session
  • Ability to close custom VPN connection

NAT / Firewall

  • NAT - translation of VPN private IPS to server's public IP address - internet access
  • Firewall - custom firewall rules, example: basic security for VPN clients, server security, etc.

Certificate Authority and other certificates

  • Certificate Authority - generation of self-signed client certificates for OpenVPN
  • Trusted server SSL certificate for IKEv2, for iOS / MacOS VPN profile signing, optionally for OpenVPN

API server

  • REST API server:
    • Add / modify VPN account, change password
    • iOS / MacOS VPN profile generation request - for specific VPN account
    • OpenVPN config file and client certificate generation request - for specific VPN account
    • Get VPN account status and stats
    • Disable / Enable VPN account


  • Installation and basic configuration of VPN technology to physical or cloud server like Amazon AWS
  • API communication and commands
  • List of used components

Additional services

  • VPN infrastructure maintenance (updates, monitoring, problem solutions etc.)
  • Support for client App developement
  • Consulting