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    Virtual Private Network
    VPN technology for your business

VPN Technology for sale

Our VPN technology is for sale.
Build your own VPN infrastructure on your servers or cloud.

Managed VPN Servers

We provide hosted VPN Servers.
You can focus on your business and we'll take care about the VPN servers.

VPN Reseller

Start selling VPN accounts today with no initial costs.
Sell VPN accounts with your brand.

Site to Site VPN

One private network between all your branches.
Share files, documents and printers.

We have VPN solution for you

Find the best VPN solution for your project ...

  • Want sell VPN accounts
  • Have no domain, website, billing yet
  • Have no customers yet but want to try if I can sell VPN
  • Want to look like an established VPN provider with many available servers
  • Want to start with minimal costs

  • Want to sell VPN accounts
  • Have brand, domain, website and billing
  • Already have customers or expect lot of VPN users
  • Need specific VPN server locations
  • Want to use own, private and not shared VPN servers

  • Need VPN accounts for employees
  • Want to share one static IP together
  • Need to have virtual office with colleagues on the road
  • Need to access remote systems always from one static IP
  • Need to share data, documents, printers

  • Need to connect branches together
  • Need VPN connection between offices
  • Want to access printers or computers in remote office
  • Communicate and share data between offices
  • Create one virtual private network

About us

By providing VPN services to end users and companies around the world we have 10 years experience with building VPN infrastructure. We run several project based on our VPN technology. We cooperate with many VPN providers around the world and provide them with VPN technology and infrastructure for their business.

VPN server locations

Contact us

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40011 Usti nad Labem,
Czech Republic, Europe

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EU VAT ID: CZ 03513386

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